Case Studies

Just a few examples of how our partners have engaged with their families via the beautiful tributes they create.

Freeman Brothers

Freeman Brothers use their own branding for default thumbnail pictures and tribute page designs. Specific Funeral Service Details are listed on individual webpages. They also have a 'quick donate' option added to their main Upcoming Funerals page.

On the mobile phone image above is an example of a specific Funeral Detail listing page, automatically generated on the Freeman Brothers website. There is also an automatic display of the multi-charity enabled Funeral Donation options.

Richard Steel & Partners

Richard Steel & Partners designed a large button on their homepage menu to link to their Funeral Listings.
As well as chronological listings, Richard Steel incorporate a dynamic 'Search Funerals' facility. The CSS design layout of the page is totally controlled by Richard Steel as the MuchLoved platform integrates into their website (think of MuchLoved as a specialist part of your web-design team).
Richard Steel & Partners include and crop any picture to use as a thumbnail (or choose a corporate design instead, or even display no thumbnail at all).

East of England Co-op Funeral Services

East of England Co-operative have designed their Funeral Notices pages to be totally consistent in styling, font and colours as the rest of their website.
With many branches across their organisation, they decided to have branch specific listings, including branch links, in addition to their full listing. Upcoming funerals also display dynamically on their relevant branch webpages.

Arthur Jary & Sons

Arthur Jary & Sons list both Upcoming and Recent Funerals within a dedicated section of their website. To help promote the quality of their service, Arthur Jary & Sons use the reviews facility to include and display independent client reviews on a specific 'Client Reviews' webpage.
For funeral organisations wanting to offer clients superb grief support.
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