Adding Candles and Gifts to a Tribute

Candles and gifts appear as beautiful images on a tribute page, and are a lovely way to send a message or offer your condolences to the family.

Adding a candle to a tribute page

Step 1:  Login into your Partner area via
Click 'Login', add your email address and password and click 'Login'.

Step 2: Once in your Partner Area click on the 'Settings' button of the funeral notice to which you would like to add your candle or gift.

Step 3:  Scroll down the settings page and in the 'Tribute Info' section find the 'Add/edit contributions' line.

Step 4:  Click the 'Candle' button and you will see the Tribute Candles page for that tribute. Any candles that have previously been added to the tribute will show here, for example candles added by family members or grateful charities. To add a new candle click 'Add a candle'.

Step 5: You can choose from several types of candle, each of which 'burn' (display on the tribute page) for different lengths of time. You can also choose the background colour for your candle; simply make your choice from the options in the top left of the page.

You can add a message and add a name say who the candle is from. We suggest keeping the message brief, to no more than a couple of lines.

Lastly, add the date that you would like the candle to appear. This can be in the future - if you would like to be prepared in advance for an occasion - for example the one year anniversary of the death.

Step 6: Click 'Add a candle' and the candle will be added to the tribute (unless you have chosen a date in the future).

Step 7: If you need to edit the wording accompanying a candle simply click 'Edit' in the corresponding row of the Tribute Candles list. You can amend the wording of a candle at any time and you can amend the date a candle was lit up until the time it expires.

Adding a gift to a tribute page

To add a gift to a tribute page, simply follow the same steps as adding a candle. At Step 3 select 'Gift' rather than 'Candle' at the 'Add edit contributions' stage, and you will be able to view the range of gifts available. Follow the same steps to add your message and who the gift is from (both optional) and click 'Add gift'.

Something else in mind?
Our range of gifts was developed primarily with the friends and family of the deceased in mind. Please let us know if there is a gift you think Funeral Directors would find useful and appropriate - we may be able to add it to the options available.

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