Checking Donations have been paid to a Charity

MuchLoved combines all donations made to a charity and pays them once a month. If one of your families would like to check if a donation has been paid, you can easily find out by checking the Payment Status.

Step 1:  Login into your Partner area via
Click 'Login', add your email address and password and click 'Login'.

Step 2: Once in your Partner Area click on the 'Settings' button for the funeral that you wish to check on.

Step 3:  Click the 'Charity payments' button in the Funeral Notice section of the Settings.

Each charity that has received donations from the funeral will be listed. For each charity, the amount we have paid to date is shown, alongside any payments due to be paid.

Step 4: To see what payments have been made to-date, click on the arrow next to the charity name to show a list of the individual payments made to the charity. For each payment, we provide the bank reference we used when transferring the donations to the charity, the date the monies were paid and the amount paid across.

Step 5: If you would like to see the status of an individual donation you can check this in the 'Donations' table below the payment summary information.

For each donation to the funeral, we show complete information including the bank reference of the payment in which the donation was included. If the payment is pending this will be shown in the 'Payment Info' column.

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