Closing a funeral

Six to eight weeks after the funeral you may wish to close a funeral and share the donations total with the family of the deceased. This article explains what happens when a funeral is closed.

Closing a funeral on the MuchLoved system can be done in the Settings area of a tribute. Closing a funeral removes the details of the service, committal and reception from the front of the tribute. This means the focus of the site can change away from the details of the funeral to the longer term remembrance of the individual.

Your branding will remain on the site, but the funeral time and address information and the google maps will no longer be visible. The information isn't deleted, instead the funeral details are archived on the tribute and can be re-instated at any time (for example if a funeral is closed by mistake).

Closing the funeral also generates a snapshot of all donations up to the point of closure. Whilst the sites will remain open to future donations in memory of someone, for example at a birthday, it is typical to give the family and the charities a summary of donations, usually six to eight weeks after the funeral.

Funerals can also be closed automatically after a set number of days - see later in this post for information about autoclosing funeral.

Step 1:  Login into your Partner area via
Click 'Login', add your email address and password and click 'Login'.

Step 2: Once in your Partner Area click on the 'Settings' button for the funeral that you wish to close.

Step 3: Click on the 'Close funeral' button in the Funeral Notices section.

A pop up box will appear on the screen confirming details of the funeral notice that you are about to close.

Step 4: Click 'Yes' to confirm that you want to close the funeral. An email will be sent to your email inbox with a report summarising the donations added to the tribute up until this point.

The settings for the funeral notice will now be updated to show that the funeral has been closed. A third report will appear alongside the two pdf reports that were already available. This is the same report that was emailed to you in the previous step.

What do the different donations reports show?

Closed funerals don't appear in the main list on your Partner Area homepage. To view a full list of tributes, including those where the funeral has been closed, uncheck the 'Hide closed funerals' tickbox in the top bar of the page. Closed funerals are displayed in the list with an icon that is a closed prayer book.

Re-opening a funeral notice will reinstate the funeral details on the front of the tribute and remove the 'Funeral Donations only' report for a tribute. To re-open a funeral notice, simply click on either the closed prayer book icon or the 'Re-open funeral' button in the settings of the tribute.

Your account has the facility to autoclose funerals. Simply tell us how many weeks after a funeral you would like the notices in your account to be closed.

In the settings for a funeral you will see a message showing when the funeral is due to close, and a button that allows you to bypass the automatic closure for that particular funeral notice. When the funeral autocloses you will receive an email telling you that the funeral has closed with a copy of the Funeral Donations report attached.

Ask your account manager about setting up autoclosing of funerals for your account.

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