How to Add a Funeral Location

Adding address details of the churches and crematoria that you use frequently speeds up the creation of a Funeral Notice.

Step 1:  Login into your Partner area via
Click 'Login', add your email address and password and click 'Login'.

Step 2: Once in your Partner Area click on the 'Manage' tab along the top and then again on 'Funeral Locations'.

Step 3:  Click 'Add a Location'.

Step 4:  Enter your details and click 'Add Location'.

Now that you've added the location to your list of default locations you will be able to select it when you add the service details or committal details to a funeral notice.

If you are logged in with a branch login you will see the funeral locations that have been set up for your branch in the 'Search your locations...' dropdown list when you add a service or committal. And if you add a funeral location it will be added to the list of locations for your branch.

If your login is not tied to a branch (e.g. Head Office) then you can add and edit address details to the Head Office custom locations and also the custom locations of your branches.

For funeral organisations wanting to offer clients superb grief support.
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