Making a Funeral Notice private

All, or part, of a funeral notice can be hidden from view enabling families to keep details of the funeral private.

There are three levels of privacy settings available to choose from:

  • Option 1: Hide time and location information
  • Option 2: Hide information about the committal or reception
  • Option 3: Hide the funeral notice entirely.
Option 1: Hide time and location information

You can list a funeral on your website without any time or location information. This means friends and family can still make funeral donations via your website.

Create the notice and add the date, time and location of the service. Tick the 'Private Funeral' tickbox under the 'Service details' section.

Please note, ticking this box will remove any default text from the funeral message as this default information includes the time and location of the funeral.

The thumbnail and title for the funeral are included in your listing of the funeral, but the details about when and where are replaced by the confirmation that this is a 'Private Funeral'.

An example of how a private funeral notice displays on a website:

You can update this tickbox at any time by going to Settings> 'Add/ edit notice'.

Option 2: Hide information about the committal or reception

Information entered in the committal or reception section of a funeral can be easily hidden. Each of these sections has a privacy tickbox, like the one for the service. Ticking 'The committal is private' or 'The reception is private' means the information for that section is hidden in the funeral information that is listed on your website.

Option 3: Hide the funeral notice entirely

If a family decide that they do not want any details to show on your website, then you can hide the funeral notice by making the tribute private.

In the list of tributes on your Partner Area homepage, click on the grey padlock in the line of summary information for the funeral

Click the button next to 'Tribute is private' and click 'Save changes'

Private tributes show in your Partner Area with a red padlock. To switch back to a public tribute, simply click on the padlock again and click 'Tribute is public'. You can then amend any particular details you choose as per options 1 and 2.

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