Discover our specialist SEO service tailored for funeral directors, designed to help you compete online

Many funeral businesses are now offering the same alternatives to traditional services as those advertised by large, national providers, but don't necessarily have the budget to compete.

We offer search engine optimisation (SEO) services as a sustainable and affordable alternative to paid advertising because we believe that this is an incredibly cost effective way to put your unique services in front of families, when they need you. SEO involves enhancing a website to ensure search engines rate it as more relevant, and so lists it higher on the search engine results page. This in turn draws in more traffic from people who are searching for the services you provide, and does so without relying on advertising.

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Our SEO consultancy service is tailored specifically for funeral businesses, and based on our 20 years' experience in the industry. 

We design and build with SEO in mind, to ensure your site performs well in a competitive market. Additionally, we can include dedicated product or service pages to ensure visibility in local searches. These pages will make sure it's easy for clients to enquire. 

If you are an independent funeral director looking to promote services like direct cremation, headstone memorials or pre-paid funeral plans, our SEO service can help families find you and discover the benefits of choosing a local provider over a national one when it comes to your particular specialism. 
We research keywords that are relevant for the service you want to promote, and identify where there are opportunities for improved visibility
Based on the research, we create an optimised landing page for the search term
The page will be formatted in line with known search engine requirements for trust, authority, performance and further factors that position you as a trusted website 
We identify content marketing activities which will support your efforts, and advice you on which ones you should prioritise
The MuchLoved tribute service has been proven to boost inbound traffic by +350% within 6 months. While we can't guarantee this result for every website, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to getting you onto page 1 of the search engine results page (SERP). 

 We take the time to work out where the biggest opportunities are for you, ensuring a completely bespoke approach every time, using proven, best SEO practices.

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